Our Promise

Solutions for daily problems
High quality products
Reasonable prices
Environmentally friendly production
Improve people’s lives through the selling process
Consistent development and creation of new, unique, useful & needed products
Products for a purpose.
You will love our products!

International impact
German quality

Our quality standards are characterized by quality work and quality assurance: We rely on German quality; our production sites are mainly located in Germany and fulfill all the associated quality criteria. Created, designed, prepared, packaged and delivered by the finest people. Our team consists of the highest levels of qualification and competence.

In-Joy® Cold Drinks

In-Joy® Sugarfree Chewing Gum

In-Joy® Oral Care

In-Joy® Biscuits & Chocolate

About Us

CPF Freiburg

Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals Freiburg GmbH

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Headquarters Germany

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In-Joy – Department 20

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